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I am a qualified female driving instructor operating an independent

driving school In Oxford and Aylesbury. I qualified as an instructor

over 12 years ago and have run my own driving school ever since

I give lessons in Oxford Headington Wheatley Thame Haddenham

and Aylesbury

I provide driving lessons for people of all abilities in and around

Aylesbury, Oxford and Thame be they lessons for the complete beginner refresher lessons, motorway driving or pass plus.

I welcome nervous drivers as I am experienced in working with

them I am sympathetic and understanding to their needs. My

school receives referrals from Katherine Carpenter

Psychotherapist at the Radcliffe Hospital in Oxford to help people nervous of driving with their phobias.  People who are nervous

drivers require an understanding of their own and as a lady

instructor I can help give nervous drivers the confidence they need.

I instruct driving lessons in a calm friendly manner with an

emphasis on communication and feed back, you can call me at

any time to discuss your driving progress.

Please feel free to call to discuss your situation be it just a general

enquiry or to talk about any fears or anxieties that you may have

My Driving Schools Objectives
Prepare for a hire car
Practise your parking
aylesbury refresher lessons
oxford driving school
thame lady instructor
Foreign visitors
Practise a new route to work
Resuming driving after a lapse
Motorways & dual carriageways
female lessons in thame
Haddenham Aylesbury
headington wheatley lessons
Lessons: Are from one full hour
several times a week if required
Times: Lessons are available
early morning. day time, evenings
and weekends.
Collection: Lessons can start
from your home, school, or work
& finish at a place of your choice.
Structure: Your lessons will be
structured to suit your needs. A
full explanation will be given for
each new procedure to be learnt.
Parking: Bay parking will be
practised at your local driving test
centre to help you feel more
relaxed on the day of your test.
While my driving school gives
lessons in Oxford and Aylesbury
instruction is also given on the
surrounding dual carriageways
and motorways.
You may only need one or two refresher lessons or take as
many as you like. Call me to discuss your requirements.
Nervous drivers fall into different categories, from being nervous
of the whole driving experience, anxiety while driving, phobias
about driving to panic attacks.  With my calm and sympathetic
approach I can help you to overcome any of these problems.

If at any time during a lesson you need to stop we can, there
will not be any pressure on you to do something you really
don't want to do.  Eventually of course, you will feel so
much better about driving that the 'stops' are less frequent
Motorway driving can be a nervous experience for the new driver, with
my driving school we will cover all aspects of motorway driving from
accessing the motorway, the emergency services, lane discipline,
the motorway road signs, adjusting to motorway speeds and more.

more on motorway driving in depth
You are not alone I will help you
Nervous drivers are not stupid
You feel out of control
You are not the only one who
feels like you do
You may want to stop the car
and run away
You may panic & let go of the
steering wheel
You do not know why you feel the
way you do nor can you explain it
 lady driving instrctor
aylesbury driving school
 refresser lessons
help for nervous drivers
 oxford driving lessons
 oxford scools
refresssher lessons for nervous people
I will teach you to relax
and help calm you down
I will listen
I will not judge you
I will take control
You can stop the car
and rest
I have seen it all
I understand this, it is
very common

Your driving instructor will cover

the test routes with you. If you

wish your instructor can accompany you on your test.

Driving schools in Aylesbury and

Thame use the test centre at Morgan House, Walton Grove,


Driving schools in Oxford use the James Wolfe Road test centre

Theory driving test centres for people in Thame Headington Oxford Is at 58 St Aldates (3rd flr) Oxford

People from Aylesbury can go to

Milton Keynes or Luton.  You are

not restricted to any particular

centre you may go to any one of

your choice

The Theory test centre locator

Theory Test Video
Practical Test Video
Lessons are available early morning. day time, evenings and weekends.
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